Biden and Scholz Urge US Lawmakers: Approve Military Aid for Ukraine

Biden and Scholz Call on US Lawmakers to Approve Military Aid Package for Ukraine, US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have urged US lawmakers to greenlight a military aid package for Ukraine amidst the ongoing deadlock in Congress.

Biden and Scholz Urge US Lawmakers: Approve Military Aid for Ukraine

During a meeting at the White House's Oval Office, Biden criticized the failure of the US Congress to support Ukraine, labeling it as "close to criminal neglect" and denouncing the holdout as "outrageous."

Scholz echoed Biden's sentiments, emphasizing the crucial role of US and European support for Ukraine's defense. He expressed hope that the House of Representatives would provide the necessary assistance to Ukraine, stressing that without such support, Ukraine would be unable to defend itself.

Highlighting the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine, Scholz underscored the importance of international efforts to maintain peace. He criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as "ridiculous" and accused Putin of distorting the history of the conflict.

The call for action comes after US Republican senators blocked a bipartisan package that included additional security measures at the US-Mexico border and foreign aid to Israel and Ukraine. Despite bipartisan efforts to include Ukraine aid in the package, the last-minute rejection by Republicans, reportedly influenced by former President Donald Trump's opposition, has stalled the approval process.

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