Demand for Justice: Ibrahim Keloglan Must Be Detained for His Cat Killing Act!

The recent incident in Istanbul's Kucukcekmece district has sparked widespread outrage as Ibrahim Keloglan, captured on surveillance footage, brutally assaulted and killed a helpless cat in an elevator.

Demand for Justice: Ibrahim Keloglan Must Be Detained for His Cat Killing Act!

Approximately a month ago, Ibrahim Keloglan, notorious for his cruelty towards animals, was caught on camera assaulting a cat in an elevator of a residential complex in Istanbul's district of Kucukcekmece. Despite the cat's attempts to escape, Keloglan relentlessly kicked and tortured the helpless animal for a gruesome six minutes, resulting in its death. As the footage of this heinous act spread, public outrage surged.

In a trial held at the 16th Criminal Court of First Instance in Kucukcekmece, Ibrahim Keloglan was found guilty and sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison. However, the court applied a reduction in the sentence, deducting 3 months, and postponed the execution of the verdict. Outraged by this decision, many took to social media platforms, launching a campaign demanding the immediate detention of Ibrahim Keloglan.

The disturbing incident took place on January 1, 2024, at around 03:15 in the morning, within the premises of a residential complex where Keloglan resided. The victim, a cat named Eros, who was cared for by the residents, innocently entered the elevator. It was there that Keloglan, also present in the elevator, mercilessly attacked and kicked the defenseless animal. Despite Eros's attempts to flee, Keloglan pursued and continued his assault until the cat succumbed to the injuries inflicted upon it. The entire ordeal of assault and torture endured by Eros lasted a harrowing six minutes, captured vividly by the surveillance cameras installed within the elevator and the complex.

In response to the court's leniency, Merve Poyraz Özcan, the site's lawyer accompanied by animal rights advocates from the Istanbul Bar Association's Animal Rights Center, expressed their intent to appeal the verdict. Özcan highlighted the lack of genuine remorse in Keloglan's defense and emphasized the inadequacy of the sentence to serve as a deterrent, awaiting the detailed justification for the court's decision.

In his testimony during the trial, Ibrahim Keloglan attempted to justify his barbaric actions by claiming that he was upset due to personal reasons and alleged that the cat had attacked him first, despite no evidence supporting his claims.

The community demands justice for Eros and urges authorities to ensure that Ibrahim Keloglan faces the full consequences of his cruel and inhumane actions, serving as a deterrent against future acts of animal cruelty.

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Abdulkadir ŞEKER

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Disgusted - 4 ay Before

Let him rot in jail. So I can kill him bc I'm having a bad day? Fuck you asshole!!!!

Angel - 4 ay Before

Please, do justice Turkish government. send a strong signal to other animal abusers! He should not and cannot get away with this. If he is not punished now, it wil happen again! Give him the strongest punishment possible for taking away such an innocent life! May the sweet innocent angel rest in peace.

Lynn - 4 ay Before

I read this subhuman tortured and killed this poor defenseless cat that did not harm him or anyone because of his wife’s negative pregnancy test. I hope your wife leaves you and that you are never able to have biological children with any woman you are with. Die childless you piece of garbage

Lisa Ketter
Lisa Ketter - 3 ay Before

Habe gehört, Präsident Erdogan hat persönlich interveniert. Fast wird er mir sympathisch. Keine Gnade für den Saukerl! Und an die Nachbarn: Bitte, bitte macht ihm das Leben zur Hölle! Das arme Kätzle!

Fluch für Tierquälerei
Fluch für Tierquälerei - 3 ay Before

Mögest du einsam sterben! Kein unschuldiges Wesen, weder Tier noch Kind, soll sich dir je vertrauensvoll nähern!

Molligoda - 2 ay Before

He follows the most peaceful religion in the world i think.

Rest in peace EROS...